Rev. Earee accident, Taueru, 1902

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Shortly after leaving Taueru last evening (about a quarter to six o'clock) where he had held afternoon service, the Rev. Wyndham Earee had a mishap which might have proved fatal to himself and his horse. The trap he was driving literally came in two without any warning whatever--the wheels, springs and axle-tree broke clean off from the body of the trap, which, falling to the ground, caused the horse at once to bolt.

Had the break occurred while going down any of the hills it is almost certain very serious results would have occurred but, fortunately, it too place on a level bit of road approaching an upward grade. So that Mr Earee, who stuck to his seat in the wreck of the vehicle, was enabled to save the animal from going over the side of the road into a steep gully and (just escaping a big stump) pulled the horse up, after it had travelled a short distance. Mr Earee, though severely shaken, succeeded after a while in extricating the horse and after quieting it down he rode bare-backed to Mr T. Moore's where he borrowed a saddle, arriving at St. Matthew's, after all, only a few minutes late for service.