1953-07 (July)


THERE IT IS--between the Parish Hall and the Vicarage and only a short distance from the centre of the business area of Masterton—an empty and desolate looking section, where there should be a Parish Church.

That is today's picture, but the Anglicans of Masterton are awake, and by the Grace of God they see a stirring picture for the Centennial Year : a scene of vigorous activity, walls reinforced with steel rising up, a builder's lift carrying materials aloft to skilled workmen high up on the structure—in very truth, a great House of God it the building.

That is your vision and mine, and, that we may accomplish this task to which God calls us now, we must be builders all. There is no other way. Every parishioners must count it a privilege to share in the great enterprise, and so, as unanimously requested at the enthusiastic Annual Meeting of Parishioners, the Appeal to raise £37,000 now officially begins.

A SPLENDlD START HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE. ln advance, at the time l am writing this, it has been made known by the Parish Treasurer that more than £5,000 has been given by 42 parishioners in cash or in promises. The Churchwardens and Vestry alone have given more than £1,600, all of which makes a magnificent beginning. Let us go onward to achievement.

Builders All! lt is through the generous giving of all that the task will be accomplished. Let me quote again the verse from the Bible which may well be reiterated over and over as the key to achievement: “Then the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with perfect heart they oflered willingly to the Lord." (l. Chronicles, 29, 9.)

May it be that at the Laying of the Foundation Stone and amidst the prayers and praises uplifted to God at the Dedication, you will each one be able to say with thankfulness: “This is my Parish Church. It is built. Thank God l can sincerely say that l had a real share in its building. l gave liberally, a gift and a sacrifice to God."

No more delay. No more frustration. The Appeal begins! Be builders all!

Plan for third St Matthew's Church - 1953


Several meetings have been held by the APPEAL COMMITTEE, Messrs. D. CARRUTHERS, H. A. R. DUNDERDALE, PURVIS HAY, E. JAINE, J. H. MAUNSELL, J. NINNES, H. D. REID and C. RICHARDSON—who confidently anticipate that the full amount of £57,000 will be raised. The Committee in addition to the members of the Vestry (whose names are shown under the heading “Directory"), enlisted the help of the following:

Messrs. G. BARR,

In addition to those named, practical help will be called for shortly from other parishioners.



All parishioners will desire to express their good wishes to the Reverend E. E. Bamford and Mrs. Barnford as they shortly leave Masterton to retire in Wanganui. Mr. Bamford has rendered outstanding service to the Church in the course of his ministry, both as a theologian and as a parish priest, and the fine calibre of his work in this parish is well known. Mrs. Bamford has taken an active and much appreciated interest in Church activities in different parts of the parish. Mr. Bamford will preach a farewell sermon at St. Matthew’s at Evensong on July 12th, after which there will be a function which all parishioners are invited to attend. He will attend the Diocesan Synod the following week as a member of the staff of St. Matthew’s, and will then preach at the Church of the Epiphany on the 19th, in the evening. A gathering will take place in the Hall afterwards so that parishioners in that part of our parish may have the opportunity to wish Mr. and Mrs. Bamford every blessing in the years ahead.


We are appreciative of all contributions towards the cost of publication of this magazine. Parishioners who place contributions in the box marked "Herald" in the porch of St. Matthew's should place same in an envelope with the name noted if they desire acknowledgment. Contributions this month (to June 12th) are: Sister Adams 6/-, Mesdames W. L. Weaver 10/-, Ward 3/-, Dearness 3/-, R. Reddish 3/-, McGrath 2/6, Hayne 2/6, F. Clarke 2/-, Miss McEachen 3/-, Mr. Ninnes 15/-.



Sedgley.—Mrs. J. G. Miller 10/-. Lansdowne Building Fund: Mrs. A. Birch, £2/2/-. Church and People: Messrs. Ninnes, Heath, S. E. Harrap, Brooks, Mrs. Aikman, Mrs. C. Braggins, Misses Brown, E. Court, 5/- ea.


“Christianity is a militant faith, a faith in which there it no standing still. We are engaged in aggression against evil, against infidelity, and against everything that is in opposition to the Christian faith and to all which is right. I ask all of you to give heart and mind and soul and body and everything to the unstinted service of the Church of Christ, and to the aggressive, fearless, outspoken warfare against all that is evil in these times."—The Bishop of Durham.



ST. MATTHEW'S YOUNG PEOPLE'S CLUB is now in full swing and meets each Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. in the Social Hall. Exhilarating programmes have been enjoyed, including two film evenings. At the CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY there are Club meetings, commencing at 6.30 p.m. on the second and fourth Fridays of the month, while at ST. MATTHEW‘S WEST HALL meetings are on the first and third Fridays, also at 6.30 p.m. A special Order of Service for Clubs in the Parish of Masterton has been printed and forms the basis of Club prayers. While the various Clubs are intended to serve more especially the part of the parish in which they are located young people who are active Church or Bible Class members are entitled to attend any or all of the various evenings in the different centres if they so desire.

A social evening is to be held at ST. MATTHEW'S WEST HALL at 7.45 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, JULY 1st. This function is being organised by the Ladies’ Guild at Masterton West, and a pleasant evening of entertainment and fellowship is assured. A HEARTY INVITATION is extended to Parishioners of the WHOLE PARISH to enjoy the fellowship of this occasion.

Opportunity was taken at a meeting of the Wairarapa Clerical Association to congratulate the Reverend Canon A. Hodge on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. Canon Hodge is a consistent worshipper at St. Matthew's, and has an outstanding record of service in the Waiapu diocese. Canon Hodge expressed his appreciation of the good wishes extended to him by the clergy.

ST. MATTHEW’S YOUNG WIVES’ CLUB members are “asked to attend Church as regularly as possible, and to make a special effort to be present at the Corporate Worship on the Sunday evenings following the meetings." In May, a matrimonial comedy “Mate in Three" was read, and in June the Vicar gave some facts and impressions of work among lepers undertaken by the Melanesian Mission. Mrs. Chapman then described a Greek Orthodox wedding. Members were invited to share their favourite quotations, the spirit of those chosen being most appropriate to Coronation Eve.

A provocative and original paper was presented to the parish C.E.M.S. recently by Bro. C. R. Mabson, entitled, "The Clash of Colour." There was a good attendance and a constructive discussion followed conceming the Christian viewpoint on this timely subject.

A very successful Social Aftemoon was held early in May by ST. MATTHEW'S LADIES’ GUILD, at which the visiting speaker was the Reverend D. V. de Candole, of Carterton. Advance notice is given of the Guild's intention to hold a similar function on THURSDAY, AUGUST 6th. During the next term holidays the Guild, in conjunction with the Young Wives’ Club, will be holding a children's party. Further particulars will be given in the next issue of “St. Matthew's Herald."

We extend our congratulations and good wishes to the Reverend W. Tye, who, on a recent Sunday observed the fiftieth anniversary of his Ordination. We were delighted that Mr. Tye was able to celebrate the Holy Communion on the actual day at St. Matthew's. We extend our sincere congratulations to him and to Mrs. Tye, and wish them every blessing in future years.

A splendid attendance of members and friends gathered recently at an afternoon arranged by the CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY GUILD. The guest speaker was the Reverend E. M. Dashfield, who spoke of his impressions of life and customs in Japan.

There will be a Church Parade of Masterton Guides and Brownies at St. Matthew's, at 11 a.m. on the first Sunday in July. We shall be delighted to welcome the members of this splendid organisation.

Photo of Mount Everest


The dramatic announcement that Everest had been conquered, and that a New Zealander had reached the top, has been greeted with enthusiastic acclaim, and to New Zealanders—can I so put it—brought a kind of exhilaration, invigorating the prosaic outlook of our everyday life.

A New Zealand pilot flew near the mountain in 1945, and thus described it:

“We flew at about 30,000 feet and went so near to the huge rock which forms the peak that we were able to see every detail of it. There was no snow or ice upon the peak, the sides of which are sheer, smooth faces of dark blue rock, rising perpendicularly for hundreds of feet. Below were the fields of deep blue ice."

Now that Everest has been conquered all lesser peaks take on diminished proportions. We may well look to see in the conquest of Everest a symbol of a new spirit of faith and of adventure as the second Elizabethan age begins. We remember once more that this spirit runs right through the Bible, and is typical of all its great personalities. The vigour of Caleb stirs anew in our hearts; we remember how he said: “Now, therefore, give me this mountain!”

In our personal lives we sometimes conjure up what appear to be great barriers to progress, to sincere discipleship, to successful Christian living. The imagination can make such difficulties appear like Everests when they are only minor hills. The technique for overcoming them is aways to give over looking at them from afar and to advance; then to conquer.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, talking to His disciples one day about such matters, said: “lf ye have faith but as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place."

Right here in Masterton let us have this adventurous faith, both in our penonal lives and as a Parish. We need the kind of faith which enkindles enthusiasm and expresses itself in action.

And especially let us go forward resolutely to build our Parish Church. The advance has begun and the way to victory by the co-operation of all is plain to see. Let us give, everyone of us, with honest and sincere liberality, as in the sight of God who knows our inmost thoughts.

When Caleb said: “Now therefore give me this mountain,” he was tired of delay and frustrations; he saw that the only way to advance was to advance boldly: we see it too, knowing that it is within our power to lift the new St. Matthew's from off the blueprints and the plans, and to make it an actuality—a real Church, a place of worship, a witness in Masterton to the teachings of the Chnstian faith—and our spiritual home.—V.C.V.



It was more than a century ago now, that a young naval officer, William Bullock, was sent to survey the coast of Newfoundland. He was so moved by what he saw of the condition of the inhabitants that on his retum to England he resigned his commission and studied for Holy Orders.

After his Ordination, he went out to Newfoundland once again, as a missionary, and in 1827 he and his new parishioners rejoiced to see the fulfilment of a much-desired goal—the building of a Church at a place called Trinity Bay. For the consecration of the Church he wrote a beautifully worded hymn which has become familiar to succeeding generations of Church people. It is the old favourite which begins--

We love the place, O God,
Wherein Thine honour dwells;
The joy of Thine abode
All earthly joy excels.

The hymn makes special reference to the font, where parents and friends assemble for the baptism of their children; to the altar and the Service of Holy Communion; to the lectern and the Church's work in teaching the Word of God.

What a splendid hymn it is. We look forward to the day when it will be sung with thankful hearts in our Parish Church. The new building will include a beautiful baptistry and a font, for which there is no place at all under present conditions.




"One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism."
May 16th: Stewart Alexander Barton.
May 24th: James Allan Bubb.
May 31st: David Rodney Carle; Brian Frederick Taylor; Jeanine Wendy Gould; Jay John McJorrow.
June 2nd: Pamela Jane Allen.


"Heirs together in the Grace of Life."
June 6th: Kevin Walter Healy and Moyra Doria Phillips.
June 13th: Paul Leonard Omundsen and Judith Marion Hill.


“I am the Resurrection and the Life.”
May 19th: Richard Howell Hill.
May 27th: Archibald James Callister.
June 3rd : Violet Buckeridge.
June 8th: Arthur Edward Steele.
June 10th: John Byford.



How memorable and inspiring it always is to be present at a Confirmation, and what a privilege to offer to Almighty God our prayers for those who are being confirmed, just as others prayed for us on our Confirmation Day.

The Service of Confirmation goes right back to the stirring days described in the Acts of the Apostles. Read the eighth chapter and you will see a gathering of the Church in the city of Samaria. They awaited the arrival of Peter and John, who are on the way from the capital city, Jerusalem. The Bible puts it simply, like this:— "Now when the Apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John, who, when they were come down, prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Ghost. Then they their hands upon them and they received the Holy Ghost."

If you study the Order of Confirmation in the Prayer Book, you will see how closely it follows the Bible. The service at St. Matthew's this year will be at 7.30 PM. ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 29th. There are ninety-five candidates attending preparation classes for this year's Confirmation.