1953-04 (April)

Cover, April 1953 issue, St Matthew's Herald

The Rev. V. C. Venimore, M.A., B.D., The Vicarage, Church Street.Telephone 1096.
The Rev. E. E. Bamford, M.A., LTh., 27 Short St. Telephone 2502.
The Rev. E. M. Dashfield, 103 Renall Street. Telephone 1866.

Churchwardens--Mr. V. H. Heath and Mr. J. Ninnes.

Vestry—-Messrs. E. A. Butterfield, H. A. R. Dunderdale, F. R. Garland, W. L. Hunter, E. Jaine, C. R. Mabson, L. Maguire, J. H. T. Maunsell, H. D. Reid, W. J. Richards.

Secretary of Vestry—-Mr. E. Jaine, c/o Sellar & Sellar, Perry Street,
Parish Treasurer—-Mr. H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street. 
Lay Readers--Messrs. J. F. Jaine, N. Ninnes and E. A. Butterfield
Synodsmen—Messrs. A. O. Jones and P. G. Ramsay.
Secretary of Envelope System of Giving—-Mr. V. H. Heath, Cambridge Tce
Secretary of Parish Magazine—-Miss K. Robins, 60 Perry Street.
Secretaries of "Church and People"-—Miss E. Harris, c/o Robinson & Cunningham, Perry Street: Miss Jackson, 18 Coradine Street.
St. Matthew’s Collegiate School for Girls—Principal: Miss S. G. Hoy, B.Sc.



My dear Parishioners,
You are reading the first few lines of a new parish publication. "St. Matthew’s Herald." I trust you will enjoy reading it; more important, much more important, I hope that this larger magazine will bring a challenging message from the Church right into your home, including a clear call to you to take an active part in the life and work of your Church in the parish. We look to see you a regular worshipper in the House of God.

That is why we have used the word "herald" in the title. Our aim will be, not merely to record current events, but to look to the future and our tasks and duties as members of the Church of England in Masterton. Articles of general interest to keen Church people will also be included.

l have been asked a number of times recently: "Are you settling down in Masterton?" The answer is "Yes, and No." l am settling down in the sense that you are making me feel at home by your help and co-operation; but in the other sense which can be given to the phrase, I do not think that either you or l should "settle down." For any parish to become static is fatal: the truly great days in the history of the Church of England have been and always will be times when her people are on the march. So let us have the forward viewpoint.

Let us serve our Church with a song in our hearts, remembering the cheery counsel of the apostle St. Paul, who was a true herald of the faith: "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord, and whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him. "

Your friend and Vicar,
V. C. Venimore



"l have often thought I would like to be Confirmed, and become a full member of the Church, but I suppose I am too old now?" The Vicar has heard this remark on a good many occasions, and has always replied, "No one is too old to be confirmed!" For many years he has been accustomed to holding a Special Confirmation Preparation Class for Adult Candidates, which has included grandparents!

Preparation for Confirmation will begin soon after Easter, and all who are thinking of taking this important step are asked to give their names to the clergy now. The arrangements for preliminary meetings will be announced in Church. 



At the recent meeting of the Parish Vesuy designs were discussed for the proposed new PROCESSIONAL CROSS being donated to St. Matthew's. Approval from the Faculties Committee is being sought for one of these designs. 


"I have not seen a more delightful country Church," was a remark made recently to the Vicar in reference to ST. ALBAN`S, TAUERU. The interior of the Church is beautifully kept, and its exterior is now in an excellent state of repair. Taueru residents may well be appreciative of this building, which provides so fitting a place for Sunday School and for worship. The Service at St. Alban’s on the second Sunday in the month will in future be a Family Service, followed by Holy Communion. There will be Holy Communion at Taueru on the morning of Easter Day.  


An excellent sound film depicting the life of William Tyndale was shown at the last meeting of St. Matthew`s Branch, C.E.M.S. An introduction to the film was given by the Vicar. The Lay Chairman outlined the programme for 1953, in the course of which a number of papers are to be given by members. Attention was drawn to the Hospital Service held monthly in the men’s ward at the Public Hospital. The Corporate Communion of the branch is held monthly on the Sunday immediately following the meeting. 


The Parish again lived up to the tradition that at least 250 should be contributed to the important work of the MELANESIAN MISSION on the first Sunday in March. This amount counts towards our quota for Missions, which is in the vicinity of £265. A brief article about Melanesia appears elsewhere in this number of "St. Matthew's Herald." 


The REV. G. P. COOK, Vicar of Greytown, will preach at Evensong at St. Matthew`s on the Sunday after Easter. 


The Annual Meeting of the KURIPUNI LADIES' GUILD was held recently, and plans for the year‘s activities were discussed. The Guild meets on the second Tuesday of each month, and new members are invited. For information, just ring the Secretary, Mrs. Henson, telephone 2175. 



We desire to place on record in this, the first number of "St. Matthew's Herald," our sincere appreciation of the work undertaken by our Advertising Managers, Messrs. Maunsell and J. Ninnes. They have done a good job of work for which we are grateful. Contributions towards the cost of publication will be much appreciated and will help us to maintain the magazine in its present form and to improve upon it. You will doubtless finds much to interest you in the various advertisements, which represent local enterprise. We appreciate also the interest and co-operation being shown by the printers.  



It in proposed to hold this on the SATURDAY AFTER EASTER, APRIL 11th, and we are hoping to go further afield than has been the case in recent years. It is asked that those attending the picnic this year (including children) should bring their own lunch. Tea, ice cream, etc., will be provided. This will make it possible for us to meet the cost of a longer journey with the help of available funds and the usual donations. When the matter has been finalised, circulars will be issued giving full details.  



(Abbreviations: H.C., Holy Communion; C.C., Choral Communion; M., Matins, E., Evensong; F.S., Family Service.)

April 3rd--Good Friday

St Matthew's:
8 a.m., Litany and Ante-Communion, 10 a.m., F.S.; 12 (noon)--3 p.m., THREE HOURS' DEVOTION; 7.30 p.m., United Service.

April 5th--Easter Day

St Matthew's:
6, 7, 8 and 11 a.m., H.C.; 10.15 a.m., F.S.; 7 p.m. E.

Church of the Epiphany:
9 a.m., H.C.; 10 a.m., F.S.; 7 p.m., E.

Upper Plain:
9 a.m., H.C.; 10 a.m., F.S.; 7 p.m., E.

Taueru: 9 a.m., H.C.

Bideford: 10.15 a.m., H.C.

St. Matthew's West: 2 p.m., F.S. (transferred from 2nd Sunday)

Wainuioru: 2.30 p.m., E.

April 12--1st Sunday after Easter

St Matthew's: 8 a.m., H.C.; 11 a.m., M; 7 p.m., E., preacher, The Rev. G. P. Cook.

Church of the Epiphany: 9 a.m., H.C.; 7 p.m. E.


St Matthew's 8 a.m., H.C., 11 a.m., F.S.; 7 p.m. E.

Taueru: 9.30 a.m. F.S. and H.C.

Matahiwi: 2.15 p.m., E.

Rangitumau: 1.45 p.m., E.

Kopuaranga: 2.45 p.m., E.

Church of the Epiphany: 7 p.m., E.

April 25--St Mark's Day and Anzac Day

St Matthew's: 8 a.m. H.C.

April 26--3rd Sunday after Easter

St Matthew's: 8 a.m., H.C.; 11 a.m., C.C.; 7 p.m., E.

Church of the Epiphany: 9 a.m., H.C.; 7 p.m., E.

Upper Plain, 9 a.m., H.C.

St Matthew's West: 2 p.m., E.

Hospital: 3 p.m. E.

May 3--4th Sunday after Easter

St Matthew's: 8 a.m., H.C.; 11 a.m., M.; 7 p.m., E.

Church of the Epiphany, 7 p.m. E.

Taueru: 2.30 p.m., E.

Wainuioru: 2.30 p.m. E.




It has been the practice for a number of years to send gifts made at our Harvest Thanksgiving Services to "Sedgley," where the produce is much appreciated and help to replenish the larder for a period. Everyone knows what good trenchermen growing boys are! Some harvest gifts are also sent to England to the Church Army Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled. Here are some extracts from a letter recently sent by Captain G. A. Bucknell, M.B.E., C.A., the Officer-in-Charge:-

"It was very good of you indeed to think of providing such an excellent array to send back to this country and all of us resident here in Brixton appreciate it.

"All told, there are some sixty·five disabled men attached to this Rehabilitation Centre, of whom forty-two live in the Hostel. With the exception of myself, all of us are disabled in one way or another, and even I am a veteran of two world wars, having spent nearly two years in France during the first, and over six in France, Belgium and Germany in the second. Not all of us are war disabled, as in an Act of Parliament passed in 1944 all disabled are treated alike, so that we have with us war wounded, civilian wounded, one or two polio victims and other disabled.

"The Hostel is one for disabled men only and is fitted, so far as we are able to do, with various fittings to ease the lot of a disabled person, and to encourage him to help himself. One bathroom, for instance, is fitted with a gadget which enables a legless man to hoist himself in and out, while on the ground floor we have a room shared by eight men who either have no use of their legs or have no legs at all and who live in wheel chairs all their days. In this large room and adjoining rooms, they can do everything from their chairs and are thus made quite independent of outside help.  

"It is to such as these that your kind gift has gone, and I can assure you that it has been much appreciated. It is such practical help as this that they need. The do not desire pity: sympathy, yes, but the practical kind which enables tfiem to help themselves, which is their dearest wish.

"Thank you again for your kindness."



The Sunday School teachers' re·dedication at St. Matthew’s will take place at Evensong on the third Sunday after Easter, April 26th. THE CORONATION. There will be special Services in all Churches of the Anglican Communion on Trinity Sunday. A Form of Service has been prepared in England and will be used in New Zealand as elsewhere. The date is May 31st. The Queen has asked for the prayers of all her subjects.



It is a Rule of the Church that
All Communicants make their
Communion at Easter.



There will be special services in all Churches of the Anglican Communion on Trinity Sunday. A Form of Service has been prepared in England and will be used in New Zealand as elsewhere. The date is May 31st. The Queen has asked for the prayers of all her subjects.




The story of the Melanesian Mission from the time of its founding by Bishop Selwyn in 1849 to the present day, is one the most romantic and inspiring in the annals of Anglican Missionary endeavour. During these 104 years a long line of Bishops, Nursing Sisters and other Lay Workers have heard and answered the call to serve God and His Church in this Island Diocese of the Pacific. Many have been New Zealanders. Some have suffered martyrdom in this service. Today on many islands and in many villages where once ignorance, superstition, fear, cannibalism and head-hunting reigned, will be found happy, industrious, worshipping Christian communities.    


Siota Cathedral

But there is still much to be done. The Pastoral and Evangelical work of the Church must be maintained and extended. There are still hundreds of heathen villages. Medical work must go on, including work amongst the lepers. Mothercraft work must be continued. The mission ships must be kept sailing. This is just one of the spheres of missionary enterprise supported or helped by Church people at the Home Base. To work like this your Lenten sell-denial offerings will be directed. Remember the missionaries in your prayers and help to support their work by your gifts. The Lenten Missionary Envelopes distributed last month should be retumed through the ordinary collection during Lent, or at any Service on Good Friday. All offerings on Good Friday (except at the United Service) go to the work of missions.



Those who receive our Parish Magazines owe a debt to the district visitors, and in particular to our Magazine Secretary, Miss K. Robins and her sisters. Miss Robins undertakes the arranging of the magazine for the distributors and the posting of copies to country parishioners. This is a splendid piece of service for St Matthew's Church and parish. The following are the names of parishioners who help by bringing the magazine to your home:--

Mesdames Aikman
C. Walker
Misses Hale
Henderson and

Mesdames Bell
Messrs A. Boyes

St Matthew's--
Mesdames Benbow
R. Gray
O. Jones
Misses Berney
Mr Dixon.

St Matthew's West--
Mesdames Goodhue



The Vicar was delighted to receive some magazines from a parish in Auckland where one of his early Bible Class members is now Vicar. In one of the magazines there was this thanksgiving--

Walk miles to Church
Visit the sick
Clean Churches
Attend to altars
Ring bells
Cut lawns
Play organs
Instruct youngsters
Miraculously get money
Keep books
Pay bills
Kneel on hard floors
Crawl under parish halls
Paint on their holidays
Put up flags on Saints' Days
Bring their visitors to Church
Or come in spite of them . . .
We gratefully praise God.




"One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism."

February 22--Brian Robert Davidson; Douglas Dunbar Davidson; Diane Joan Weaver; David Roy Pawson.
February 28--Christopher John Hayes


"Heirs together in the Grace of Life"

February 28--Anthony Hepburn Robinson and Barbara Constance Wadhams.
March 7--Phillip Adam and Ruth Percy


"I am the Resurrection and the LIfe."

February 27--Edwin Herbert Reid
March 2nd--Frances Robert Henry Hyde



On May 26th of this year, Queen Mary celebrated her 85th birthday. As she looks back, she remembers many great events which happened through all those years, some sad and some gay. I remember an occasion when I walked into a High Street in a London suburb and saw a great crowd waiting about. "What is all the crowd for?" I asked. “Don’t you know," was the reply, "Queen Mary will be driving through this street soon."

Queen Mary is very artistic and can sew splendidly. One day recently I saw a beautiful kettle-holder, with a pattern in wool worked upon it, and it was all made by a little boy of four who made it at school. He gave it to his mother. Queen Mary, when she was over eighty, started to embroider something much bigger-—it was a large carpet seventy feet square. During the war she frequently spent six or seven hours a day and put more than a million stitches into the needle-point carpet.

When it was finished, she gave it to be sold to earn dollars for England, and the carpet was bought in Canada for 100,000 dollars. One day a boy, whose name is Johnny Kearse and who lives in Ontario, saw the carpet hanging up on a wall like a tapestry, He looked at it with much admiration, and at last he said, "It shows what you can do if you keep a-goin`." Queen Mary was told what Johnny had said, and to show how right he was, she started a new carpet. It is always a fine thing to "keep a-goin'," which means to have perseverance.

I expect you boys and girls have heard this verse about perseverance:-

'Tis a lesson you should heed,
Try, try, try again!
If at first you don’t succeed,
Try, try, try again!
Then your courage should appear,
For if you will persevere,
You will conquer, never fear,
Try, try, try again. 

All Christians need to persevere. At our baptism we are signed with the Cross in token that we should "CONTINUE Christ's faithful soldier and servant unto our life's end," which means that every day, no matter what comes along, we must remember to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul had the courage to persevere. "My one thought is . . . to press on," he said, and again, "This one thing I do," and because he persevered and "kept a·going'," even when it was hard to do so, he became a great Christian and did wonderful work for God.

So let us all have perseverance and courage as we put our trust in the Lord and seek to serve Him day by day.



Parish Magazine -- Mesdames Russell Smith, G. Elliott, Hearn Smith, Raynor, 10/-; L. Walker, 6/6; Cherry, 4/-; D. J. Cooper, 2/6; Sexton 5/-; Misses Burn, 5/-, Creswell, 2/6; Raynor, 10/-; Mesdames Loader 3/-, Cooper 10/-, Hatch 5/-, Steer 3/-.

Church and People -- Mrs Hatch, 5/-; Mr Russell Smith, 10/-


St Matthew's Herald

Editor: The Vicar. Advertising Managers: Messrs J. Ninnes and J. Maunsell


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