1938-10 (October)




My Dear Parishioners,

During September, the call to higher service came to more than the usual number of Masterton homes. Our Church, and indeed this whole community, owes a tremendous lot to the faithful service of the early pioneers such as some of those whose names appear in this Magazine. In speaking to me they have made light of their hardships and quite plainly the service  they have rendered was regarded by them as just the normal path. We, though, can thank God for the splendid example they have set and the firm foundation they have laid. It remains now for each and every one of us to build soundly on that foundation. It was a strong and vital faith which inspired the pioneers. That faith and the practise of it has been weakened with disastrous results for modern civilisation. Daily the need for spiritual revival and power grows more urgent. There can hardly be a single person who reads this Magazine who does not realise the world’s desperate need. But do they realise that whether this need will be met depends on each and every one of them? The call comes to each one to be an active Christian that God’s power may be set free.  We need the inspiration and the fellowship of public worship. Your presence will strengthen that. We had some wonderful services in September. There is no reason why our Churches should not be full always and when they are, greater blessings must be ours.

Your sincere friend and Vicar,




On Thursday, 26th October, at 8 p.m., the annual concert and drill display of St. Matthew’s Collegiate School will be held in the Opera House.  All are invited.

An important meeting of ladies will be held in the Common Room, on Thursday, 27th October, at 2.30 p.m.  The purpose of the meeting is to make arrangements for the annual Fellowship Breakfast. For that we want many helpers. We hope for a good meeting.

In spite of bad weather, happy and well-attended services marked our Patronal Festival. There were splendid numbers present at Holy Communion and also at Evensong, when the Choir rendered very beautifully the cantata, “Christ the Comforter.”

The Bible Class day of prayer was well observed.  The Rev. J. T. Holland was the special preacher at Evensong, and his inspiring message was appreciated greatly.

Happy and successful dances were held in September by the Junior Bible Class and also by the Girls’ Club. The members are grateful to all who helped.

A most successful and enjoyable social afternoon, organised by the Ladies’ Guild, was held in the Parish Hall on Thursday, 29th September.  We thank all who helped in any way at all. The annual Sale of Work organised by the Guild will be held in the Parish Hall on Friday, 21st October.

The monthly service at Rangitumau will be held on Sunday, 16th October, at 1.45 pm, and at Kopuaranga, at 2.45 pm.  The co-operation of all in both districts is asked to make these services really worthy.

St. Matthew’s Sunday School are planning to present a great concert in the Parish Hall on Wednesday, 16th November.

St. Matthew’s Tennis Club held its annual meeting in September, and the Vicar opened the season on Saturday, 1st October, in the presence of a large gathering of members and visitors.  It looks as if the club is going to have another good and happy season.  A healthy sign is the number of new younger members of the Parish who are now linking up with the Club this year.  We have three first-class courts, and we could still admit some more members. Mr A. Crookenden is the secretary and he will be pleased to give full information to any interested.



Guild members have their plans made for the annual Kuripuni Garden Party, to be held at the residence of Mr and Mrs W. G. Lamb, Herbert Street, on Saturday, 26th November.  Keep the date free and help to make this effort a great success.

Next month, the Epiphany Sunday School hope to present an exceptionally good concert in the Epiphany Hall. Look out for further details of this effort next month, and encourage the children with a crowded hall.



Masterton continues to play its part in this great effort for the erection of a worthy Cathedral in the Capital City of our Dominion and for the creation of a strong Bishop’s Fighting Fund for the extension of God’s Work in every corner of the Diocese.  It is glorious to find that the spirit of sacrifice and of service is still to be found in so many of our people. The fund is mounting up now, but it is essential that all should share in this great enterprise. If the foundation stone of the Cathedral is to be laid early in 1940 plainly a start will have to be made soon with the work of preparing the site and getting the work advanced sufficiently for the stone to be laid. That is why it will help tremendously if all will fill in their promise forms now. The Diocesan authorities want to know.  They cannot act until they do.

The prevailing epidemics have hampered our helpers in this Parish, but they are pressing forward with their work now.  A really magnificent start has been made and if all respond as so many have already done the whole amount required will certainly be ready for the Bishop’s Helper when he or she calls, or post to the local Secretary, Mr A. O. Jones, Box 5, Masterton.

Donations and promises from all sources in the Masterton Parish now amount to £3111 3s.



The September meeting of the branch was an outstanding one. There was a great discussion of a practical nature on various aspects of evangelistic work and a manifest determination on the part of members to play a worthy part in practical Christian service and witness. Several of our members were able to be present for the whole or part of the Dominion Conference held in Wellington. It was an encouraging Conference with some splendid addresses and reports of marked advance. New branches have been formed and membership of others increased. Reports of the conference were given at our October meeting, when Mr. W. A. Clarke opened the discussion. Those who look for vital fellowship and encouragement in service will find them in the C.E.M.S.  We invite all men to join us. They will benefit and so will we.  The next meeting will be held on Monday, 7th November at 7.45 p.m., when the Methodist Men’s Fellowship will be our guests. Evangelism will be the subject, and will be introduced by Mr. G. Hyde.



This great annual service will be held at St. Matthew’s, at 7 p.m. on Sunday, 6th November, by our Bishop. There are even more candidates than usual this year and we can look forward to a glorious and inspiring service. On the following Sunday, at 8 a.m., the newly-confirmed members will be making their first Communion. All communicants are asked to join with them on that happy occasion.  This service will be followed by the annual Fellowship Breakfast in the Parish Hall.



Mrs Cole 5s; Mrs Nix, 4s; Miss Colquhoun, 3s 6d; Mesdames C. Mills, Rapson, Tildesley, Robieson, 2s 6d each.



This great annual effort, organised by the Ladies’ Guild, will be held in the Parish Hall on Friday, 21st October, opening at 10 a.m. The Sale will be open both afternoon and evening. The help of all parishioners is asked in making this annual sale a record success. There will be all the usual stalls well laden with useful articles. Cakes, sweets, produce, flowers, books, toys, plain and fancy sewing work all find a ready sale. The Girls’ Club will have a special stall with splendid beautiful and useful novelties of all kinds. Afternoon tea will be available. The parish needs the help this annual effort gives and we ask all in every part of the Parish to play their part in making it a record success. By helping to stock the stalls, by coming to the sale, and by telling others about it, you will be rendering practical service and helping your Church.



January - Mrs. Hatch.

February - Mrs. Hatch.

April - Mrs. Aikman.


June - Miss Henderson

July - Misses Kummer.  

August - Miss Coleman and Miss Hopkins.

September - Mrs. Garland.  

October - Mrs. Aikman.

November - Miss C. Maunsell

December - Misses Kummer

We welcome the new members of this Guild and shall be glad to have a volunteer for the month of May to complete the list.  



During the latter part of September all thinking people were concerned at the world crisis. It is not easy to write of what those days meant, but the efforts of our Empire’s leaders won the gratitude of multitudes of people. It was good to see so many respond to the call to prayer, both on the Sunday and on the week-day. It was good, also, to see the great numbers come, quite spontaneously, to the services on the Sunday following the crisis, making that day a really memorable one in our Parish life. Such an experience as that through which civilisation has passed must surely make people take stock. We cannot afford to drift, we cannot live going from crisis to crisis. Surely we must face up to the foundation of our national life. Spiritual forces have been depleted, there has been an apathy about moral values which has been disastrous. Now is the time to act. The Church is ready to act but the Church is just another name for the people. It is only as all who care for the future of the nations help to create spiritual power that the Kingdom of God can begin to be established on earth. The future, for good or for evil, rests in your hands.




31        Beverly Joan Goodin.


4        John Hillman Miller.

15      Beulah Margaret Wallace.

28      Robert Wilton.

  Valerie Elizabeth Wilton.

  Winifred Laura Wilton.




2        John Joseph Crewe.

2        Ian James Gray.

8        Matthew Crawford Marshall.

10      Henry Liston
          Elsie Rose Rose.

11      Louisa Jane Clarke.

16      John Goodin.

22      James Bertram Keith.

  Joseph Charles Smith.

25      George Smith.

27      Maud Margaret Sheppard.  


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