1938-09 (September)





My Dear Parishioners

A definite responsibility rests upon all professing Christians in days like these.  There is much happening in world affairs which must cause concern to all thinking people. There are influences at work in our own land which are not for the highest well-being of humanity. Increasingly people are beginning to realise that a great revival of spiritual power is the thing most needed by our world.  But plainly that revival will not come unless those who really care for spiritual realities are ready to show the sincerity of their faith by their actions.  A merely nominal Christianity will not meet human needs. We want a faith that is vital.  To get that we must have the fellowship of the Church which God has given to us. The Bible knows nothing of a solitary Christianity.  When God sees all Christian people taking their full share in the worship and life of His Church then we may expect to see such a change in the whole life of our world that peace, happiness and perfection of life will be given to us.  God can satisfy every human need, but God is waiting for us all to show the sincerity of our faith. 

Your sincere friend and Vicar,





The Annual Bible Class special Day of Prayer will be observed at St Matthew’s Church on Sunday, 25th September.  All Bible Class members join in Holy Communion that morning and the day will conclude with a great service at Evensong, at 7 p.m., when Bible Class members and their friends expect to be present in full force.  The preacher at that service will be the Rev. J. T. Holland, M.A., Vicar of Featherston.




Members of St Matthew’s Junior Bible Class invite all their friends to join with them in a dance to be held on Wednesday, 14th September, at 8 p.m., in the Parish Hall.  These annual Bible Class dances are always most happy evenings and we look forward to seeing the usual splendid number of young people present.  The charge for admission is 1s 6d and 1/-. The Bible Class Committee has the assistance of a Ladies’ Committee in running the dance.




The Senior Bible Class dance held last month proved a most successful and happy function. The Committee are to be congratulated on the success achieved.

The fine notice board for the Centenary Campaign posters was made and given by Mr. G. Hyde. We are grateful to him and also to Mr. J. Ninnes, who noticed that the supply of crockery in the Parish Hall was getting low and very kindly replenished the supply.

Cathedral Builders’ Albums are proving popular with the children of the Parish. They are doing splendidly.  The record mentioned last month by a St. Matthew’s Sunday School girl, has been equalled by a Taueru boy who completed his album and rose to the rank of concrete mixer in a very short time.

Church people at Tinui are holding a Bazaar on Friday, 6th September, both afternoon and evening, and will be glad to welcome any Masterton parishioners who may be able to attend.

A pleasant social afternoon was held by the Guild in the Parish Hall on Thursday, 25th August. Musical items were appreciated as was a most interesting talk by Mrs. Max Cleghorn.

Thanks are extended to those who are kindly helping with their cars to convey children to the Upper Plain Sunday School.



Sunday, 18th September, will be a great day for our Parish.  On that Sunday, we shall be observing our Patronal Festival. On this happy day we think of all that our Church represents and of all who down the years have carried on faithfully and well.  It is the great parish birthday and we ask all parishioners to make this year’s Patronal Festival a really memorable one. Let all the Church Family join in happy worship on this great day. All Communicants are asked to join in Holy Communion at St Matthew’s at 7 a.m., 8 a.m. or 11 a.m.  The day will close with a glorious Musical Service of Praise at 7 p.m., when the Choir will render a special cantata, “Christ the Comforter.”



A bright programme, a talk by the Vicar on world affairs, and supper provided by the Guild, made a very happy social evening organised by the Epiphany Guild on Thursday, 18th August.

Plans are now in hand for carrying out permanent surfacing of the paths round the Kuripuni Church.

It was with very sincere regret that older members of the Church of the Epiphany heard of the death of Mrs. W. B. Chennells, one of the early workers in all branches of our Church’s work.  Sincere sympathy is extended to the relatives.

On 26th August, Mr L. Johns, a faithful member and worker of the Church of the Epiphany, passed to his rest after a long period of illness, patiently and cheerfully borne. He will be missed greatly. The sympathy of all goes out to the relatives.



Mrs. Hern Smith, Mrs W. G. Baird, Anonymous, 10s each; Mrs Coe, 6s; Mrs. McMaster, Mrs R. Judd, Miss Kummer, 5s; Mrs. McWhinnie, 4s; Mrs Yalden, Miss L. Robinson, 3s 6d each; Mesdames Frater, Carey, Jordan, L. Unsworth, R. C. Falloon, 3s each; Mesdames Thompson, Watson, Spencer, Garvie, Jones, Wallis, Beban, E. Bell, Winzenberg, 2s 6d each.




The Ladies’ Guild are working hard for their annual effort which will be held towards the end of October.  Full details will be given next month,  in the meanwhile we ask all our lady parishioners to have a direct share in this, their great annual effort to help practically the work of the Parish.  What a splendid thing it would be if everybody made some article for the various stalls!  Practical assistance like that would be appreciated and would help to make the sale a record success.




It was very disappointing that the weather conditions were so bad for this popular annual event. Still a good number ventured out and were rewarded with a splendid entertainment which added fresh laurels to the great reputation the Club has won. So many were unable to be present that there is an insistent desire that the concert be repeated.  Club members are willing to do this, but as yet it is not possible to fix the date. The concert will, we hope, be presented this month, and, given a fine night, there should be a crowded hall. It is hoped to give the concert in the Parish Hall, at Kuripuni, and at Taueru.




All men are invited to the monthly meeting of the Society, to be held in the Parish Hall on Monday, 5th September, at 7.45 p.m.  The vital subject of “Methods of Evangelism” is set down for discussion, and will be introduced by Mr. G. Hyde.  From 20th to 22nd September, the Dominion Conference is to be held in Wellington.  A great programme has been arranged for that, and we hope to see many of our members present for at least part of the time.  The Dominion Conference is always an inspiring gathering and judging by the programme this year’s should be an outstanding one.




The junior class, which went into recess during the school holidays, will resume at 4 p.m. on Sunday, 18th September, at 4 p.m., [sic] at St Matthew’s Church. The special class for adults will meet on Tuesday, 27th September, at 7 p.m., in St. Matthew’s Church. A very large number of candidates have offered themselves this year and we can look forward to a most inspiring Confirmation Service.




The Bishop’s Helpers are in the midst of their canvass. They report that people everywhere are most interested and a very kindly reception is being given them. There are not many who do not see the vital need for this special effort. They realise that the lack of a great Cathedral at the heart of our nation’s life is a serious loss to the whole Dominion and they see in the Cathedral a worthy memorial of the first century of New Zealand’s life and a symbol of nationhood, and a source of inspiration as we enter another era in our history.

Plainly, too, our people are realising that the Church in the parishes must be strengthened. The youth of this Dominion must no longer be denied the help of a really live Christian influence.  Facilities needed for God’s work must be provided, an adequate ministry must be found. The Bishop’s Fighting Fund then is no luxury - it is essential for New Zealand’s life.

But all this goodwill, this realisation of the need, must be translated now into action. Christ makes no secret of the fact that His Way may involve the Cross.  Sacrifice on a scale perhaps unknown before is demanded for the realisation of our goal.  All must play their part.

Truly we have made a wonderful start.  Some of our parishioners have made substantial donations, others are giving amounts which represent substantial proportions of their incomes. The Bishop calls us all just to do what we can, in the spirit of sacrifice, for this great cause.

It should be emphasised that donations may be spread over a period of five years. Just think out what you can do for God and then having filled in your Promise Form, hand it to the Bishop’s Helper of your district, or post it to the Campaign Secretary, Mr. A. Owen Jones, Box 5, Masterton.

The response from the Masterton Parish in donations and promises now amounts to £2797. This sum includes the total amount of the promises made to both funds. Parishioners may divide their donations as they wish or give to either the Cathedral or the Bishop’s Fighting Fund.  The wishes of donors will be carried out carefully.




St. Matthew’s Tennis Club will be holding its annual meeting, in preparation for the new season, this month.  The actual date will be announced later in church. Old and new members will be welcome at the annual meeting, and we wish the Club another very happy season.




Our Ladies’ Guild has won a great reputation for arranging happy social afternoons. These functions promote real fellowship, provide a most enjoyable and instructive entertainment, and enable lady parishioners and their friends to give practical help in the Guild’s work for the Church. Such a social, to which all are invited, will be held in the Parish Hall on Thursday, 29th September, at 2.45 pm, so keep that date free and come and make this social the best yet.  A fascinating and novel method of admission has been planned, details of which will be gladly given by any Guild member.




17        Alan Edward Boys

20        Ngaire Jean Helen Robertson

            Helen Ann Viles

            Janet Mary Viles

24        Ashley Ivan Newland

29        Barry Reginald Malton




27        Charles William Second and Edna Mabel Carpenter




4          Walter John Fawcett

11        Percy Ellis Goodin

12        Mary Ann Sargent

25        Archibald Dillon

            John Hodgson Parker

27        Leslie Johns

30        Annie Scott Mann




The Rev. E. J. Rich (Vicar), Church Street, Telephone 1096.

The Rev. T. V. Pearson, 1 Victoria Street. Telephone 1502.

Student-assistant, Mr. V. W. Joblin, 31 Worksop Road. Telephone 2231.



        Messrs R.E. Maunsell and J. Ninnes



        Messrs E. J. Coleman

        E. Hale

        W. L. Hunter

        G. Hyde

        A. G. Jones

        C. R. Mabson

        W. Penistone

        P. G. Ramsay

        R. G. Russell, and

        W. E. Vowell


Lay Readers--

        Messrs F. H.  Dunderdale

        V. W. Joblin and

        J. F. Jaine



        Mr A. Miller Hope.



        Mr Wm. C. Mann



        Messrs A. O. Jones and

        P. G. Ramsay.


Hon Secretary--

        Mr A. O. Jones


Sec. of Envelope System of Giving--

        Mr V. H. Heath, 185 Dixon Street.


Hon. Treasurer--

        Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street.


Sec. Magazine--

        Miss R. Robinson, 66 Essex Street



        Mr G. F. Knapp, 79 Pine Street


St. Matthew’s School for Girls--

        Principal, Mrs. Max Cleghorn, B.A.




September 11—13th Sunday after Trinity.

St. Matthews:

8 a.m. H.C.;

11 a.m. Mattins and Sermon, Scout Parade;

7 pm., Evensong and Sermon.


Church of the Epiphany:

        9 a.m. H.C.;

7 p.m.. Evensong and Sermon.


Upper Plain: 7 p.m. Evensong


September 18--14th Sunday after Trinity.

St. Matthew’s:

8 a.m. H.C., Corporate Communion Bible Classes and Girls’ Club;

11 a.m. H.C. (Choral) and Sermon;

7 p.m.  Evensong and Sermon


Church of the Epiphany:

7 p.m., Evensong and Sermon.



        1.45 pm, Evensong and Sermon.



        2.45 pm, Evensong and Sermon


St. Alban’s, Taueru

        9.15 am, Sunday School

        9.45 a.m., H.C.


September 21--Wednesday, St Matthew, A.E.M., 7 am, H.C.


September 25--15th Sunday After Trinity

        St Matthew’s

                8 am, H.C., Corporate Communion Sunday School Teachers;

                11 a.m., Matins and Sermon;

                7 p.m. Evensong and Sermon


        Church of the Epiphany

                7 p.m. Evensong and Sermon


        Public Hospital

                4 p.m., Service and Address


        Upper Plain

                9 am, H.C.


September 27--Tuesday. Vestry Meeting, 7.30 pm


Oct. 2 --16th Sunday after Trinity

        St Matthew’s

                8 am, H.C.,

                11 am, H.C. (Choral)  and Sermon,

                7 pm, Evensong and Sermon.


Church of the Epiphany

                7 pm, Evensong and Sermon

        St Alban’s, Taueru: 2 pm Sunday School

                2.30 pm Evensong and Sermon.


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