1938-08 (August)




My Dear Parishioners,

This month saw the launching of the Centenary Campaign by the Bishop in this Parish. We have a great band of Bishop’s Helpers who have caught the spirit of adventure for God and who have begun work in their various districts. The Citizens’ Committee are playing their part. The local Press has been most helpful. It is just splendid when all unite thus to further a cause which has as its objective the deepening and strengthening of the spiritual life of this land we love. Now the call and challenge comes to every individual. We are stewards of all that we possess, Will we just ask God to show us what He would have us do?  The heritage that is ours is worth a sacrifice. Gifts made in that spirit will be blessed abundantly.

Your sincere friend and Vicar,





One of the most popular events of the year is the annual concert presented by the talented members of our Girls’ Club. A crowded hall always rewards the Club. This year’s entertainment promises to maintain the usual high standard. The concert is being presented under the direction of Mrs. E. J. Rich.  Two clever farces are to be given and an unusual and attractive concerted item by all the Club members will be a most popular feature. A very happy evening is assured. Tickets are selling well and may be obtained from any member of the Club. The charge for admission is 1/6 with children half-price. The concert will he presented in the Parish Hall on Tuesday, 9th August, at 8 p.m.




The Ladies’ Guild Social Afternoon held on Tuesday, 5th July, was such a pronounced success that it has been decided to hold a similar function on the evening of Thursday, 18th August, at 8 p.m. The social is to be in the evening so that the men may be present also. All are invited. There will again be an attractive programme. The Vicar will continue his talk on world affairs, and supper will be served by Guild members. The function is to be held in the Epiphany Hall and we look forward to a very happy evening.  




St. Matthew’s Badminton Club and St. Matthew’s Choir both held happy social functions in July to express their good wishes to Miss N. Woodhouse and Mr. N. Ninnes on the occasion of their wedding. At both functions presentations were made to the guests of honour. The Choir attended in full force for the wedding, which was a most beautiful choral one.

£140 1s 7d. was contributed by the Parish for foreign missions during the year ended 30th June. We thus once again exceeded our quota of £140.

Contributions made for the Spanish Children's Relief Fund amounted to £9 2s 8d.

The annual meeting of St. Matthew’s Scout Group was a very happy and encouraging occasion. The reports all gave interesting summaries of work accomplished and revealed that marked progress and growth had been made. All concerned are to be congratulated on the great work that is being done.

St. Matthew’s Senior Bible Class invite their friends to join with them in a dance to be held in the Parish Hall on Thursday, 11th August, at 8 p.m. Invitations may be obtained on application to Mr. D. Carruthers, Albert St.

One of our Sunday School children has established a new record. She received a Cathedral Album on the day of issue. Relatives who came for tea were shown the album. It was soon full, and the child had reached the rank of concrete mixer in record time.




At the last meeting of the Society, Dr. Stanley Jones’ book, “Christ and Communism” was the subject considered, the speaker being Mr. J. Wells. The subject proved most interesting and practical and opened up a wide and valuable discussion. The next meeting of the Branch will be held in the Common Room on Monday, 5th September, at 7.45 p.m. At this meeting, Mr. G. Hyde will deal with some aspects of Evangelistic work discussed at the recent Diocesan Conference. All men interested are invited to be present, The subject is one that is vital and concerns all who want to make Christian influences strong.  




The campaign was launched in Masterton by the Bishop at the public meeting in the Opera House on Monday, 1st August; the great band of Bishop’s Helpers have distributed the propaganda leaflets, and will soon be making their next visit to gather promise forms. The question is what can each one do to help? Certainly the Cathedral is needed. We dare not lose the spirit of the early pioneers, we must not fail the generation to come by withholding this great symbol of the faith that is the secret of a nation’s greatness. Certainly we want to make the parishes strong, to provide the man-power needed for God’s Work.

Very, very few do not want to see the goal attained. At heart this is still at Christian land and we want to keep it so, but spiritual capital has been exhausted and sacrifices and love alone can restore it. So we face it.

Already the response is coming. Some substantial donations have been promised. Plainly the ideal of stewardship is not dead, and as all of those blessed with more of this world’s goods than their neighbours respond to the challenge, we shall be heartened to go forward bravely until the goal. is reached. Remember donations may be spread over a period of five years. That makes it easier to give larger sums. It is surprising how a small monthly contribution mounts up over a period of five years to a very substantial donation.

We want all to play their part, all to have a share in making the campaign a glorious success. A Cathedral built by many people, a Fighting Fund established by every member of the Church, these would be evidence of a living faith.

Promise forms and donations may be posted to the Campaign Secretary, Mr. A. Owen Jones, Box 5, Masterton, or handed to the Bishop’s Helper of your district. All promises are sent to Headquarters, Wellington, and a card of membership, signed by the Bishop, is then posted to the donor.    




The departure 0f Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Penistone for Levin has left a big gap in our Parish life. They have taken an active part in all phases of Church life for many years and we shall miss their faithful and whole-hearted support. Last month farewells were arranged. The Ladies’ Guild had a party and made a presentation to Mrs. Penistone; Upper Plain parishioners and Sunday School children assembled to thank the family for all they had done and to make presentations to them all; the Vestry at St. Matthews on behalf of parishioners, paid their tribute and gave their token of appreciation after Evensong on Sunday, 24th July. We do appreciate all that these faithful workers have done, we wish them every happiness in their new home, and we hope that someday they will return to take up residence in Masterton once more.    




Naturally, the children want to have their special part in the great centenary campaign. A system of stamps and albums has been devised so that children may have their share in erecting the new cathedral, Each child can have an album, and stamps representing 3d each will build up the picture of the Cathedral. Grades are awarded as each album is filled. Attractive cards with the title earned are now being designed, and when five albums have been completed the child will be given the special badge of a Cathedral Builder. Albums are being issued through the Sunday Schools, and Mr. Pearson, at St. Matthew’s, and Mr. Joblin, at Kuripuni and Upper Plain, with Miss G. Gaudin   secretary, have the scheme well in hand. For children not attending Sunday School albums will be provided on application to Miss G. Gaudin, Room 7, Smith’s Building, Masterton.  



It is not yet too late to join the junior Confirmation Class, which meets in St. Matthew’s on Sunday afternoons at 4 o’clock. We are going to have again a particularly large number of candidates this year. It is always good to find people taking this step, revealing the sincerity of their desire to live the Christian life and their determination to use the means of help God has provided. Quite a few adults have handed in their names and special classes will be arranged for them later. In the meantime, other adults who for any reason missed confirmation when they were young, are asked to consider whether they should not take advantage of this opportunity of being confirmed.




With the Masterton Campaign only just launched, we are yet able to report that over £1800 has been promised by some 16 people. This is a great start. The Citizens’ Committee hope to publish shortly a list of promises and donations from leading citizens. Less wealthy people are doing their part also. Thus a man is giving 5/- a month for five years-- a total of £15; another £10 a year for five years—a total of £25; another 10/- a month for five years--a total of £30.  The Bishop challenged Masterton to provide £15,000.  We hope that some will give large sums, and that all will have a share in this great enterprise.




The Ladies’ Guild invite all lady parishioners and their friends to join in another of the popular social afternoons in the Parish Hall, at 2.45 p.m. on Thursday, 25th August. This is a very pleasant way of sharing in the great work the Guild is doing and of spending a very happy afternoon. An attractive programme will he presented and afternoon tea served by Guild members.



Mrs Trimble, Mrs Stuart McLachlan, 5/- each; Mesdames C. Braggins, J. Stimpson, J. Renner, M. Skeet, Miss Williams, 2/6 each; Mrs Nesbit, 2/-

For Church Chronicle--Mrs Benbow, Miss Tuxford, 2/6 each.




January Mrs Hatch
February Mrs Hatch
April Mrs Aikman
June Miss Henderson
July Misses Kummer
August Miss Coleman and Miss Hopkins
September Mrs Garland
October Mrs Aikman
November Miss C. Maunsell
December Misses Kummer










We welcome the new members of this Guild and shall be glad to have a volunteer for the month of May to complete the list.




The Rev. E. J. Rich (Vicar), Church Street, Telephone 1096.

The Rev. T. V. Pearson, 1 Victoria Street. Telephone 1502.

Student-assistant, Mr. V. W. Joblin, 31 Worksop Road. Telephone 2231.



        Messrs R.E. Maunsell and J. Ninnes



        Messrs E. J. Coleman

        E. Hale

        W. L. Hunter

        G. Hyde

        A. G. Jones

        C. R. Mabson

        W. Penistone

        P. G. Ramsay

        R. G. Russell, and

        W. E. Vowell


Lay Readers--

        Messrs F. H.  Dunderdale

        V. W. Joblin and

        J. F. Jaine



        Mr A. Miller Hope.



        Mr Wm. C. Mann



        Messrs A. O. Jones and

        P. G. Ramsay.


Hon Secretary--

        Mr A. O. Jones


Sec. of Envelope System of Giving--

        Mr V. H. Heath, 185 Dixon Street.


Hon. Treasurer--

        Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street.


Sec. Magazine--

        Miss R. Robinson, 66 Essex Street



        Mr G. F. Knapp, 79 Pine Street


St. Matthew’s School for Girls--

        Principal, Mrs. Max Cleghorn, B.A.




August 14—Ninth Sunday after Trinity.

St. Matthews:

8 a.m. H.C.;

11 a.m. Mattins and Sermon, Scout Parade;

7 pm., Evensong and Sermon.


Church of the Epiphany:

        9 a.m. H.C.;

7 p.m.. Evensong and Sermon.


Upper Plain: 7 p.m. Evensong


August 21--Tenth Sunday after Trinity.

St. Matthew’s:

8 a.m. H.C., Corporate Communion Bible Classes and Girls’ Club;

11 a.m. Matins and Sermon;

7 p.m.  Evensong and Sermon


Church of the Epiphany:

7 p.m., Evensong and Sermon.



        1.45 pm, Evensong and Sermon.



        2.45 pm, Evensong and Sermon


St. Alban’s, Taueru

        9.30 am, Sunday School

        10 a.m., H.C.


August 24--Wednesday, St Bartholemew, A.M. 10.30am, H.C.


August 28--11th Sunday After Trinity

        St Matthew’s

                8 am, H.C., Corporate Communion Sunday School Teachers;

                11 a.m., Matins and Sermon;

                7 p.m. Evensong and Sermon


        Church of the Epiphany

                7 p.m. Evensong and Sermon


        Public Hospital

                4 p.m., Service and Address


        Upper Plain

                9 am, H.C.


August 30--Tuesday. Vestry Meeting, 7.30 pm


Sept. 4 --12th Sunday after Trinity

        St Matthew’s

                8 am, H.C.,

                11 am, H.C. (Choral)  and Sermon,

                7 pm, Evensong and Sermon.


Church of the Epiphany

                7 pm, Evensong and Sermon


        St Alban’s, Taueru: 2 pm Sunday School

                2.30 pm Evensong and Sermon.








9   Brian Norman Curtis

16 Elizabeth White

23  Joan Rosina Russell

      Ila Dulcie Rosina Russell

      Ronald Alan Hare

27  Thomas Charles Hearps

30  Colin Frederick Flood

       Pamela Maud Flood




2          Rupert Hember Glendinning and Barbara Helen Baird

16        Thomas George Maxted and Clarice Maud Maxted

23        Norman William Ninness and Nesta Jean Woodhouse

30        Alan George Burt and Rona Margaret Blatchford.




1        Arthur Powys Whatman

12        John Henry Berry

23        Myrtle Lillian Governor

29        Thomas Charles Hearps






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