1938-03 (March)

March 1938



My Dear Parishioners—

The season of Lent, which begins on Wednesday, 2nd. March, is a great God-given opportunity for us all to deepen and strengthen the spiritual within ourselves, so that we may the better serve our day and generation. Special services will be provided and it is my hope that full advantage will be taken of them. God calls us to come apart that we may learn of Him. Life is very busy for most of us but we shall not regret making any effort that may be necessary to use this sacred season aright. God has a great work tor His people in these critical days, and we shall fail God if we do not use to the full the special opportunities Lent affords to equip ourselves better for the work God is calling us to do.

Your sincere Friend and Vicar,




The grounds of Mr. F. G. Maunsell’s residence, 35 Essex Street, have been most kindly placed at the disposal of the Church for the annual Garden Party to be held on Saturday, 5th. March, at 2.30 p.m. We ask for the help of everybody in making this annual event the usual great success. Well-laden stalls will be there, the Municipal Band will be in attendance, and an attractive programme of side-shows will be run by the men. Afternoon tea will be served. The proceeds of the Garden Party will be devoted to the new Junior Sunday School etc.



Obviously the present Kindergarten and Scout Den will have to be replaced before many years are passed and this fund was started last year so that money may be in hand when that necessity arises.



Beginning on Ash Wednesday, 2nd. March, there will be a celebration of the Holy Communion at St. Matthew’s every Wednesday in Lent at 7 a.m, and every Thursday at 10.30 a.m.

lt is a helpful practice to deny one-self something in Lent and give the money saved to some part of God’s work. Such a practice makes for sincerity. There will be no collections at the mid-week mission services during Lent but self-denial offerings may be placed in the boxes and will he given to the Melanesian Mission.

The Hon. Treasurer reports that annual subscriptions are coming in well. This help is appreciated. The financial year closes this month and it will be a help to have as many donations and subscriptions as possible sent in early.

The special family services to which all who had been married in the parish were specially invited were memorable ones. There was a splendid attendance and everybody entered wholeheartedly into the services.

Unfavourable weather was a disappointment on Sunday School picnic day. However a good number of children enjoyed a very happy party in the Parish Hall.

In 1888 the then Vicar of Masterton, the Rev. W. E. Paige, conducted the first service in Pahiatua. It was fitting then that at the opening Jubilee services on Sunday, 20th. February, the present Vicar of Masterton should be the preacher at the morning service, and that our People’s Warden should also be present representing the Mother Church.

On the last three Sundays in March the Rev. T. V. Pearson will preach a course of Lent sermons at the 11 a.m. service in St. Matthew ’s.



At Evensong during the six Sundays in Lent, beginning on March 6, a course of addresses will be given on Discipleship, by the Rev. T. V. Pearson. The series is based on the study book of the last S.C.M. Conference.


1.       God’s call in Christ.

2        Our answer to the call.

3        God speaks in the Bible.

4        The Christian’s weapons— Prayer.

5        The Christian’s vocation—Witness.

6.        The Christian Fellowship—The Church.


The Kuripuni Sunday School picnic is being arranged for Saturday, 12th. March. Full particulars will be told the children at Sunday School.  



The children will want to have their share in the special services of Lent, and parents will want to encourage and help them to knew more of the great truths which are the only foundation adequate for a worthy life. Experience has shown that lantern pictures are a tremendous help in giving religious instruction to the children and they appreciate this method. We have some splendid pictures to show the children this year and we want to see them all helped and encouraged to attend. We shall, of course, be glad to see any adults who desire to come. The Lantern services will be held on Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Hall, beginning on Tuesday, 1st. March; and on Thursdays at 7.30 p.m. at Kuripuni, beginning on Thursday, 3rd March.

A special series of Lent stamps has been issued, with a beautiful card for mounting. These stamps will be given to the children each week and we hope that many will have a complete card at the end of Lent—a beautiful and instructive token that not a single lantern service has been missed.



Miss Vallance. 5s: Mrs R. Gray. Mr. ??



No one with any grit in him really likes a soft job. A man wants to feel that his work demands his best and the best of men are ready to respond to a. challenge which puts them on their mettle. It is just such a challenge which now rings out. Christians hold the secret the world needs, and he would he a poor specimen of humanity who seeing one broken and distressed passed by on the other side. The world is sick spiritually and God is calling us to the great adventure of giving to humanity a living faith that will vitalise civilisation and of showing to all that Christianity works if only it is given a chance. On the Sunday evenings of Lent, beginning on Sunday, 6ith. March, at 7 p.m., the Vicar will preach a course of sermons in  St Matthew’s Church dealing with God’s, great call and challenge. The aspects to be considered will be:—


March 6:        I.        Jesus Calls Us.

March 13:      II.       Come Unto Me.

March 20:      III.       Learn of Me.

March 27:      IV.       Follow Me.

April 3:          V.        Abide in Me.



Every Wednesday in Lent, beginning on Ash Wednesday, 2nd March, there will be a devotional mission service in St. Matthew’s Church at 7.30 pm. At these services the Vicar hopes to give a special course of sermons on the Lord’s Prayer. That wonderful prayer which we know so well involves so, much that we can never exhaust its meaning or its power, and it will help us all and make for greater reality as we take clause by clause and see what it means under the circumstances of our day.



There is desperate need for extending the work of this mission. Concerning the medical side, Bishop Baddeley writes: "I find it difficult to restrain myself from bitterness when I see the physical needs of so many thousands. How can we preach the love of God to folks whose bodies are covered with yaws or partially eaten away with horrible sores, or sapped by fever, leprosy, or tuberculosis, unless we are also taking them the means whereby their bodies may be healed?”  We must respond to such an appeal. Let us make the annual offerings for Melanesia on the first Sunday in March even more generous than in previous years.  



The vital subject of Witness was discussed fully at the first meeting of the Society for the year. Many valuable contributions were made. Indeed, so many members had something worthwhile and helpful to say that the time of closing had to be greatly extended. We all left the meeting determined to make our witness, individual and corporate, stronger and deeper. Members felt that by starting with themselves they were working on right lines. Arrangements were made for a number of our members to get together to explore possibilities and to fit themselves for further action.

Our C.E.M.S. is going to play a great part in the forward move to which God is calling us all, and we want to see all who care to come linking up with our Branch and so get the help of the fellowship and the service which is characteristic of our society. The next meeting will be held on Monday, 7th. March, at 7.45 p.m., when Mr. A. O. Jones will give us a talk, based on a book which describes a wonderful parish effort.  



A week in Lent is always set aside for helping this Orphanage. Each year envelopes are distributed and collected a week later, and always the response is just splendid. Parishioners of Masterton and district realise the great practical Christian work that is being done at Sedgley for the boys, who, but for the help thus given, would not have much chance in life. We are very grateful to the band of collectors who so willingly do this work each year. They, and all who help, have their reward in knowing that they are rendering service which is very near the Master’s heart and that many of the boys who have passed through Sedgley are making good. It is hoped to have the envelopes ready for the week beginning Wednesday, 23rd. March.




23        Russell Edward Empson,

Ronald Gaisford Empson. 



3        Irma Dorothy Blatchford

5        Coral Beverley Thornton

6        June Adrienne McInnes

6        Brien James Montgomery

9        George Bernhard McKay

13        Peter Reginald Judd

13        Sylvia Grace Skeet




29        Ian Herbert Mourant and Eva Catherine Jones



5.        Alan Keith Ian Purdie and Beatrice Ivy Bright

19        Clarence Roy Dahlberg and Vera Elsie Clarke

19        Frank Charles Palmer and Pearl May Isabell Blake




17 ??        Edward ??


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