1938-11 (November)





My Dear Parishioners,

What a splendid time we are going to have this month! I do ask you all to take advantage of every glorious opportunity that is coming.

First of all, there is the visit of that great New Zealand missionary in China, the Rev. C. W. McDouall. I remember his last visit—about 15 years ago—the wonderful address he gave in Wellington. He is a great speaker and has a wonderful story to tell of his work and of present conditions in China. Do not miss his meetings on Wednesday, 2nd November.

Then, on Sunday, 6th November, comes the confirmation service, when our Bishop will admit about 90 candidates to full membership in the Church, Extra seats will be provided in the Church as the experience of previous years has shown how necessary this is. It will be on inspiration to us all to join in that great service. On the following Sunday, at 8 a.m., the newly-confirmed members will take their first Communion.  Again we hope, and post experience has proved that it is bound to be realised, to see the Church filled with communicants, ready for the challenge and call to Christian service, present to welcome into the inner fellowship the new members. The Fellowship Breakfast, which has come to mean much in our parish life, will follow.

Then the children of our Sunday Schools will be presenting their concerts. These always receive the support of parishioners who by their presence encourage and cheer the children.

On the last Saturday comes the annual Kuripuni Garden Party—always a very happy occasion.

Then the last Sunday in November is Advent Sunday, the beginning of another Christian year. Let us come that day determined to make the new year of opportunity one of spiritual advance for ourselves and others.

Truly, November can be a memorable month for our parish. I ask you to help to make it so.


Your sincere friend and Vicar.

E. J. RICH.  



Three good photographs of the old St. Matthew’s Church have been given by the family of the late Rev. W. Ronaldson, first clergyman of the Wairarapa. These have been framed by Mr G. Hyde and placed in the Common Room.

Masterton Rotarians attended as a Club at St. Matthew’s on Sunday, 9th October. There was a large attendance and a splendid service.

Congratulations are extended to St Matthew’s Old Girls for their splendid performance of “White Queen, Red Queen,” which was awarded first place at the Wairarapa Drama League Festival.

The monthly meeting of the C.E.M.S. will be held on Monday, 7th November, at 7.45 p.m., in the Common Room of the Parish Hall. All men are invited.

We welcome Miss E. Rutherford to the Altar Flowers Guild. She will be responsible for the month of May. The Guild is now at full strength.

How splendid it was to hear of the Dominion Commissioner of Scouts emphasising the religious basis of scouting. We can be glad that St. Matthew’s Scouts have always tried to remember that and to keep their first promise.



China and its problems have been very much in people’s minds this year. The Rev. C. W. McDouall has been in North China for many years and is at present visiting New Zealand. He is a New Zealander and an outstanding speaker with a knowledge gained from within of movements in China and of Japan’s attitude and actions in that land. Mr. McDouall will give a lecture in the Parish Hall on Wednesday, 2nd November, at 8 p.m. This is an opportunity not to be missed of hearing a speaker on a subject that all want to know about. Besides that we shall surely want to meet and welcome one from our own land who has rendered great service in the mission field. The lecture is open to all. Collection for missions. Mr. McDouall will speak also at a social afternoon in the Epiphany Hall, on Wednesday, 2nd November, at 2.30 p.m.  



The Epiphany Sunday School is presenting a very special concert in the Epiphany Hall on Saturday, 19th November, at 8 p.m. A great and varied programme has been arranged with the children all doing their best. For the last concert the Hall was packed to the doors and we look forward to seeing the same happy support for the children’s effort on Saturday, 19th November.

That most important function, the Kuripuni Guild’s annual Garden Party, will be held on Saturday afternoon, 26th November, in the grounds of Mr and Mrs W. G. Lamb’s residence, 14 Herbert Street.  All the usual stalls will be there and the Guild will appreciate help in stocking them. All the usual bright and happy features and games which have made the Epiphany Garden Party so successful in the past, will be in evidence again this year. Come and help this annual effort in aid of the Church of the Epiphany.

Another splendid function has been arranged for Wednesday, 2nd November, at 2.30 p.m, in the Epiphany Hall. It will take the form of a happy social afternoon, arranged by the Guild. The Rev. C. W. McDouall, of North China, will be the special speaker, and no one will want to miss this chance of hearing from a great speaker what is happening in China today.



Concerts by the children always gain splendid support and the children are making an extra and special effort on Wednesday, 16th November, at 8 p.m., in the Parish Hall. The Children’s Sunday School Choir will be heard and two delightful Christian plays will be presented by the children. There is no need to ask parishioners to support this concert by the Sunday School. They always do, and we can look forward to seeing the usual full Hall. Admission will be: Adults, 1/-; Children, 6d.



As usual, this annual effort organised by our Ladies’ Guild was a most decided success. Parishioners gave good support and altogether a fine spirit of happy service was manifest throughout the whole effect. We are very grateful to all in every part of the parish who had to share in this splendid success.  It was no wonder when all gave such practical support that the result was even better than last year’s effort.  The receipts amounted to £80 0s 5d.






High Street, Masterton.


WEDNESDAY, December 7, 1938,

2.30 pm to 5 pm



The Committee ask for your presence and support at this annual function. We cannot carry on this great work without your help. Every day the boys must be fed and cared for and they are worth helping, and many who have passed through the Home are making good.  A good response on Gift Day by lovers of boys will help us tremendously.  The larder is very low.  Your help on Gift Day will enable us to maintain our work for the boys who deserve their chance in life.

The Home needs clothing for the boys and food of all kinds. Flour, sugar, oatmeal, rice, dried fruits, jams, tea and cocoa would be welcomed as gifts. In fact, anything needed in an ordinary home would be appreciated.

Please do what you can to help. Come and see the Home for yourselves. Gifts may be left at the Vicarage, Masterton, or at “Sedgley.”

All gifts of money should be sent to the hon. secretary, Mr A. B. Dunderdale, Perry Street, Masterton.

Our need is great, but in the past the Church people of the Wairarapa have always rallied to the support of their own orphanage. With your help, this year’s Gift Day will be the best ever held.


E. J. RICH, Chairman
H.A.R. DUNDERDALE, Hon. Secretary



A few days ago one who is not a member of our Church, stopped the Vicar in town to say that he wanted to help the fund and have a share in building the Cathedral. He said that many like himself looked to the Church of England for leadership in the national life, and he knew from experience in England what a cathedral meant in the life of the whole community.  Members of this Church are responding splendidly. They know how vital is the need, and incidents such as this one just mentioned encourage us tremendously. No man can do his best without proper tools. The Church cannot inspire and uplift the community when it lacks adequate man-power and proper equipment.

The campaign to which we have been called is just to supply those needs. The Church has a great part to play in the life of this Dominion and it is certain that now is the moment of opportunity. But the opportunity is so great that it can only be met by all doing their part. The religion that will avail [sic] is one which proves its reality and depth in sacrifice.

We ask all who have not done so to fill in their promise forms now. The work is urgent. Masterton is doing splendidly, but we are a long way off our goal yet.  Let us make the response this month the best yet. The total response in promises and donations from this parish now amounts to £3191 9s 3d.



Mr G. F. Knapp, 6s; Mesdames Hayne and Pawson, 2s 6d each; Mrs Caldwell, 2s; Misses Morrison, 5s; Mrs Garvie, 10s; Mrs H. F. Coom, 10s; Miss Booth, Mrs Harrap, Mrs Horner, each 5s; Mrs A. J. Welch, 3s; Mrs M. Jones, 2s 6d; Mrs Dixon 2s; Mrs Richards, 1s 6d.



This is always one of the great services of the year. It will be specially so this year on account of the splendid number who have come forward for confirmation. All will want to be present to welcome them into the full fellowship of the Church. The Bishop is holding this service at St. Matthew’s Church on Sunday, 6th November, at 7 p.m. On the following Sunday, at 8 a.m, the newly-confirmed members will be making their first Communion. All communicants are asked to join with them in that happy service which will be followed by the Fellowship Breakfast in the Parish Hall.




7        Marie Patricia Hurley

8        Pamela Mary Corke

9        Philippa Joan Robinson

11        Kenneth Mark Wilton

22        Brian John Evans

23        Jill Elizabeth Jenkins

        Kevin Earl Norris




1        Anthony Hunter Wall and Sheila Kathleen Moodie

8        John Flower Holland and Joyce Christina Madsen

15        Henry William Hope Cross and Nedda Ellen Elsie Hubball

15        James Bell and Violet Lilian Constable

22        Harry Humphries Mitchell and Florence Mary Wainscott

22        William Lawrence Stalker and Eileen Mary Duffy




4        Sarah Eliza Jane Nicol

5        William Thomas Grundy

14        James Candy

22        Dawn Anaha

25        Helen O’Connor


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