1938-02 (February)




My Dear Parishioners,

Competent authorities tell us that we have come to a critical period for human civilisation. World conditions constitute a challenge to all Christian people to make this year one of spiritual advance and of aggressive evangelistic effect. We in this parish are so placed that we can play a worthy part. Obstacles to God’s work have been removed, and real glorious progress has been made. But we must not rest content until Christian principles permeate the whole community. That is the task to which we are called. In that task I ask the help of all members of our Church. If we ourselves are whole-hearted in the Christian life God will be able to use us increasingly for the establishment of His Kingdom.

Your sincere Friend and Vicar,



A particularly interesting address was given at the last meeting of the Society by Mr G. J.Norris on “Spiritual Healing.” A splendid discussion followed. The evidence produced of the power of prayer was inspiring. Medical science is God’s gift and the best medical men must recognise to the full that there is a very close connection between the spirit and the body. The next meeting of the Branch will be held on Monday, 7th February, at 7.45 p.m., in the Common Room. The subject will be “Witness.” This will give the men of the Church the opportunity to discuss plans for the year and to consider the part they can play in the great forward move to which God is calling us all. All men are invited to be present and to take part in the discussion.



Children have a right to be given a sure foundation on which to build their lives. Life has a spiritual basis and can be built up only on the basis of a living faith. So nothing should be allowed to interfere with the regular attendance of children at Sunday School. The Sunday Schools of the Parish will resume for the year on Saturday, 6th February, and it will be a great help to have full attendance on the opening day, when classes for the year will be fixed.

St. Matthew’s Sunday School will begin at 10 a.m. in the Parish Hall;
Kindergarten at 10 a.m. in the Scout Den;
Lansdowne in the Public School at 9.30 a.m.;
Upper Plain in the Church-room at 10 a.m.;
Kuripuni, at 2 p.m. in the Epiphany Hall;
Taueru at 2 p.m. in St Alban’s.



The junior Bible Class will resume for the year in the Chapel of St Matthew’s Church at 10 a.m. on Sunday, 6th February. We cannot know too much about the Bible, and Bible Classes give an opportunity for deeper study. This year is an important one to see a great Youth Campaign launched by the Unions. The Senior Bible Class for those 16 years of age and over will resume in the Common Room on Monday, 14th February at 7 p.m. We hope to see a great increase in Bible Class membership this year.



Sunday, 13th February, will be marked by special service. The home has played a vital part in the development of human civilisation. We shall remember this on that day when parents are invited to bring their children with them to the services. All who can are invited to join in the Holy Communion at the early service. At 11 a.m., at St Matthew’s, we shall have with us pupils from schools and scout group beginning with the work of another year. At 7 p.m. we hope to see our churches crowded for a great service. A special invitation to extended to all who have been married in the parish to join in this service and there thank God for the happiness that has come in ….



The annual Garden Party organised by our Ladies’ Guild is always a bright and happy occasion. This year by courtesy of Mr F. G. Maunsell this effort will be held in the beautiful and spacious grounds of his residence, 35 Essex Street. This will be a most convenient setting for the Garden Party. The Garden Party will be held on Saturday, 5th March, in the afternoon. We ask the help of everyone in making this effort the usual great success. A meeting of the Ladies’ Guild and others interested will be held on Thursday, 10th February, at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Hall to make all arrangements.



We are glad that it is now possible to restore the service at Upper Plain on the second Sunday of the month. In future, however, this service will be held at 7 p.m. instead of in the afternoon. We believe that this will be much more convenient for parishioners there, and we hope that all will make a special effort to join in the service on Sunday, 13th February, at 7 p.m. Services at Upper Plain will be: Evensong on the second Sunday at 7 p.m., and Holy Communion on the fourth Sunday at 9 a.m.



The Sunday School resumes on Sunday, 6th February at 2 p.m. We hope to see a full attendance.

Harvest Festival services will be held on Sunday, 27th February. The Holy Communion will be at 11 a.m. and Evensong at 7 p.m.

A Family Service will be held on Sunday, 13th February, at 7 p.m. Parents are invited to bring their children.



Repairs and renovations, rendered possible by a special donation from the Ladies’ Guild, are now being carried out to the interior of the Parish Hall. The Borough Council has approved our application to have the Hall exempt from rates on condition that the building is not let to outside organisations. After 31st March, therefore, the Hall will be used solely for parish purposes.

A very beautiful altar book-rest is being given to St. Matthew’s in memory of the late Mr E. C. Griffin. The gift is to be dedicated at 8 a.m. on Sunday, 6th February.

St Matthew’s Collegiate School for Girls resumes for the year on Tuesday, 8th February. Prospects for the School are very bright, and the roll should again show a marked increase. Good progress is being made with the School Baths which should be ready for the opening day.



The annual services of Thanksgiving for the blessings of the harvest make a wide appeal. Life is a unity and it is right that we should seize this special opportunity of giving thanks for the material blessings we enjoy. We shall be grateful for gifts of fruit, vegetables and other produce for our Harvest Festival services at St. Matthew’s and also at Kuripuni. These gifts will, after the services, be sent to Sedgley Home. The Harvest festivals will be observed on Sunday, 27th February, and gifts should be sent to the Church the previous day.



There are many parishioners who give regular aid to their Church each year by making an annual subscription or donation. This regular income is a real help to the Vestry and we should like to see even more parishioners adopt this method of helping. We are nearing the end of another financial year and the hon. treasurer, Mr. H A. R. Dunderdale, Perry St., will be glad to have all subscriptions and donations as early as possible. It is splendid that our parish is now absolutely free of debt - our annual subscribers are giving help which will make it possible for the Vestry to keep it so.



The success gained by our scouts and cubs at the recent rally reveals that the splendid work of St. Matthew’s Group is being well maintained. We congratulate the officers and the boys and wish them the very best again this year. The Group has arranged for a Garden Party to be held at the residence of Mr R. R. Burling, Essex Street, on Saturday, 26th February. Here is a splendid opportunity to help the great work that is being done by St Matthew’s Group.



We hope soon to have arrangements completed for these popular annual events. St Matthew’s picnic will probably be held on Saturday, 19th February, and Kuripuni on Saturday, 26th February. Full particulars as to time and place will be told the children at Sunday School. We want parents and friends to know that we shall be pleased to see them come and join with the children at these happy picnics. An attractive programme is being arranged and it will be a very happy occasion for the children.



Mr S. G. Lüdemann, 2s 6d; Mrs Andrew, 3s; Mrs Rutherford, 5s; Mrs Eddy, 2s 6d.



12 - Mark Edward Candy
30 - Murray James Walker

7 - Olga Helen Wilson Tyrrell
9 - Colhoun John Wiseman



11 - Horace Mervyn Johns and Edith Harriet Henderson
18 - Loyd Gordon McKenzie and Quendoline Mary Knott
18 - Ernest Alexander Bowcock and Mona Rubina Grantham
27 - Edward Mansell Spicer and Ysabel Beatrice Ada Henson
27 - William Featherstone and Rosina May Alice Wilson
29 - Royston Douglas Sanders and Fred Margaret Brockett.

3 - Jack Aubrey Read and Marjory Holmwood
8 - Eric George Hasell and Jean Kathleen Rose
15 - Gordon Roland Dassler and Mary Elia Denbee
15 - Frederick Routh Philpot and Violet Jane Edge
19 - Noel Raymond Cunningham and Janet Gwendolyn Betts
22 - Alexander William Whitcombe and Doris Eileen Mavis Magrath



1 - Amy Eleanore Prime
6 - Douglas Groves
8 - Robert George Greathead
11 - Thomas Ingley
21 - Eveline May Fowler
21 - Thomas Wagg
26 - Johnann Jackson

4 - Edward Baker Collins.


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