Annual General Meeting notice, 1891

Notice of Annual General Meeting, 1891


The Annual Meeting of Parishioners will be held in the Schoolroom on Monday, the 20th, inst at 8 p.m.
BUSINESS.--To receive accounts for the past year, election of churchwardens and vestry and general.



Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XII, Issue 3859, 16 July 1891, Page 3

Annual General Meeting: 1895


The annual meeting of Parishioners of St. Matthew's, Masterton, was held last evening, the Rev. A. C. Yorke, Vicar, presiding, and about forty persons being present.

The Chairman called upon the Secretary to read the minutes of last annual meeting.

Mr W. B. Chennells (secretary) read the minutes, which were confirmed, on the motion of Mr W. G. Beard, seconded by Mr L. J. Forde.

The Chairman said, before passing to the report and balance sheet, he would like to speak a word on their own personal relations.

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Pew rents: editorial, 16 July 1895

It appears that pew rents versus free church seats was a controversial topic. Just prior to the Parish Annual General Meeting in July 1895, the following editorial appeared in the Wairarapa Daily News.

Free Church Seats

The Rev. Alex. Campbell Yorke, is taking a vote of his congregation, as to whether all sittings in the Church shall be free. It is somewhat singular, that about seventeen years ago, a predecessor of the Rev. gentleman, abolished pew rents in the same Church, with the result that the funds of the parish collapsed, and the Incumbent was literally starved out of his parsonage, and took refuge in a southern diocese. Theoretically, no doubt, the pew rent system is wrong, but it takes a bold and a lucky man to run a Church without it.


The Rev. Alex. Campbell Yorke, Vicar, responded in the Friday edition, suggesting the editor had got his facts wrong. See:  Pew rents argument: Vicar A. C. Yorke writes

Pew rents argument: Vicar A.C. Yorke writes, 1895

SIR,--It may seem presumption in a new-comer to correct an old resident like yourself, but I am bound to take exception to the tenor of your remarks in Tuesday's issue. They do not fairly represent the case of Mr Teakle or of free seats.

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Bishop Wallis visits St Matthew's, 1895


Last evening St Matthew's Schoolroom was crowded with members of the Church of England, residing in this district met together for the purpose of welcoming Bishop [Frederic] Wallis and Mrs Wallis, on their first visit to this district. The schoolroom was prettily decorated and the platform comfortably furnished, the whole presenting a very pleasant contrast to the cold wet weather outside the building. The reception accorded them was a cordial one, and appeared to be most thoroughly appreciated.

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