Envelope system explained, 1895

At the Parish Annual General Meeting, held on 18 July 1895, an envelope system was proposed to provide more consistent and regular income. It would appear news of this development may have stirred up debate about the simmering issue of pew-rents, as Parishioners' Churchwarden, Mr F. G. Moore, was at pains to explain that the proposed envelope system would not interfere with pew-rents.


A meeting of Parishioners of St. Matthew's, Masterton, was held last evening, the Rev. A. C. Yorke presiding. Mr F. G. Moore explained the "envelope system" of contributions, which the Vestry had decided to bring into force with the New Year (1896), as a better means of ensuring a regular income. He wished it clearly understood, however, that the scheme was intended to deal only with the offertories, and not to interfere with the pew-rents or contributions to the General Church Fund. The amount given by each contributor would be known only to the Churchwardens, and however small individual contributions might be, great advantage would be derived, it was thought, by their regularity.


Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XVI, Issue 5156, 15 October 1895, Page 2