2nd St Matthew's from east end

St Matthew's Church from the east end

This photograph was taken by James D. Robertson.  It shows the liturgical East End of St Matthew's, the view from Park Street, Masterton. Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-6529

The Meredith windows can be seen in the centre of the photograph and the present Parish Hall (built in 1922) can be glimpsed at the right.


This photograph shows the Meredith window from inside the church, above the reredos and altar. (90-017/67). The window was in memory of Edwin Meredith, an early settler, who died in 1907


Chancel and sanctuary, St Matthew's Church, Masterton

The simple lines of the chancel and sanctuary of the present St Matthew's Church, 2009.


1-IMG 3066

Detail of the Meredith Window in its present location, where it forms a backdrop to the altar in the Chapel of the current St Matthew's Church.